1) Who was the first person to get tatoos?
Sarah Wolfskill
Mike Enger
Gary Hahn
none of the above
2) What was the name of our favorite janitor?
Rudy Campbell
Henry Scantor
Joe Terrell
Billy Bubblehead

3) Who won the outstanding OEA award our senior year?
Debbie Turner
Julie Davis
Lynda Ray
Sondra Spracklen
4) Who in our class has a Junior High named after their Father?
Sharon Garner
Steve Ditto
Susan Gunn
Doug Kennemer

5) Who in our class had a Father that served as Mayor of Arlington?
Tommy Clarke
Mike McCabe
Denise Nichols
Beth Stovall
6) Who won the best costume for the American Heritage Day?
Peter Rainone
John Dodenhoff
Vera Eichorn
Leslie Turner

7) Who won Mr. AHS our senior year?
Mike McCrady
Craig Bishop
Mark Liberato
Mickey Bryce
8) What was the name of our foreign exchange student?
Knuth Schmidt
Sheri Bon Bon
Shitz Hitler
Gisepi Asseli

9) Favorite English teacher?
Betty Jeanne Pettit
Mary Beth Ward
Flo Francis
Janet Wallace
10) Do you know who compiled the #9 quiz question?
Janet Perry
Jeannette Harrell
Ana Pettit
Leslie Gerard

11) What was the name of the grocery store across the street from our high school?
Piggly Wiggly
Fiesta Mart
12) In 1973 a movie came out that several of us had to see. We skipped school, drove to Dallas and watched this movie. What movie was it?
The Sting
The Way We Were
The Exorcist

13) Streaking became the fashion is 1974. What classmate streaked across the courtyard after lunch?
Jan Gladden
Matt Goetz
Brad Lowe
no one that I remember...
14) Who had one of the top albums of 1974?
Dark Side of the Moon by Alice Cooper
Aloha From Hawaii by Elvis
Band On The Run by Paul McCartney
The Concert Sinatra by Frank Sinatra

15) What famous band leader died in 1974?
Duke Ellington
Desi Arnaz
Lawrence Welk
Tommy Dorsey
16) In February of 2013, one of our teachers turned 95 years old. Who is this teacher?
Ms. Sharon Mars (French)
Mr. William Carter (head football coach/Psycology)
Miss Jane Ellis (Choir)
Mrs. Nadine Freiwald (English)

17) What was Mr. Lackey's favorite saying?
Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son!
Looks like somebody forgot there's a rule against alcoholic beverages in the classroom!
For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction
As of this moment, he's on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!
18) Who was the owner of the Texaco gas station next door to our high school?
Mr. Little
Mr. Carter
Mr. Gonzales
Mr. Spartini

19) What was the name of the restaurant on Park Row just east of Cooper that most of us shared lunch at?
Char Broiler
Rise and Shine
The Sizzler
20) We had a favorite drive-in hamburger place on S. Cooper, just north of Park Row. What was the name of this establishment?
Hunt's Bigger Burgers
A&W Root Beer Stand
Der Wienerschnitzel
Char King

21) AHS students chose Colts as the mascot and the colors of green and white. What were the students replacing back in 1923?
black and gold, The Yellow Jackets
red and white, The Cardinals
blue and gold, The Senators
gray and black, The Racoons
22) What year did Sam Houston open?

23) Who invented the slogan, "how sweet it is to be in colt country"
John Webb
Floyd Spracklen
Dean Corey
James Crouch
24) What year became the first freshman class in 40 years?

25) What year was AHS established?